Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interesting Fact about Oracle Spatial

I was interested in doing some more work with Oracle Spatial and how it compares in speed to some of the other databases out there that work with Spatial data, such as PostGIS and MySQL.

While reading through the Wikipedia definition of Oracle Spatial I discovered that some Canadian's at the Canadian Hydrographic Service first incorporated spatial data into Oracle with Version 4.

This was even before my time. I started working with Version 6!

Looks like the CHS was ahead of their time.

During the period between Version 4 and the introduction of "SDO" (Spatial Data Option) in Version 7, the CHS and Oracle rewrote the kernel. As anyone who uses Oracle Spatial knows, the tables are prefixed with SDO_.

Just an interesting tid-bit about Oracle. It is amazing the information you can find out there on the web - with Wikipedia, one wonders "Where will Encyclopedia Britannica find a home in the digital world?"