Monday, October 8, 2007

GeoTunis 2007 - November 15-17, 2007 - Tunis Science City

GeoTunis is occurring between 15th and 17th, November 2007 at the Tunis Science City in Tunisia.

As the website states: 'The task being an equal knowledge development and a stronger control of the digital information and telecommunications technologies with the purpose to decrease the digital gap between peoples. This symposium makes real the resolutions taken during the first national conference on map production "Geotunis 2006" and takes place in the same time with the International group world day celebration on the geographic information systems.'

OSGeo is hoping to be there as well, and information on OSGeo's participation can be found at here. This group is looking at promoting OSGeo and the Open Source Philosophy as it applies to Geospatial. They are also hoping to establish a stronger Francophone/French Speaking chapter that will include many French speaking nations.

I worked in Tunisia several years back with Schlumberger, involved with the Finder Data Management software and Tunisia's State Owned Oil Company - ETAP.

It is a beautiful country with great people and great food. The "Thé à la Menthe" and the "Chorba" are incredible.

With any luck, I'll make it to GeoTunis and be able to meet some new and old friends!